Entry #2

General Stuff

2009-02-06 03:15:22 by DJ-Plasmaniac

My online names/nicknames are Ayla the Raichu, Scampadelic and Blackstatic; I'd change my name on here to AylatheScampadelic but I already used my only email. So yeah. I'm a 14 year old music freak, mostly trance and electronica. I own an Ashton accoustic guitar and love it to bits.

I absoloutley adore MIDI, for it's nostalgia and overall starting of the electronic scene. I plan to take MIDI, MIDI2 and RIFF MIDI into the mainstream music scene, because even if they might not be that flashy anymore they're still the best in my eyes.

THUNDERPAW: http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/user/4638 04

UPCOMING STUFF: Possible ThunderPaw concept animations (mostly uploaded on my deviantART if anything) and theme music, maybe some other music crap for CreamPunk (friend's animation).


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